Today,it is obviously known that VRK Spectrum Co.,Ltd. and Chatchawan Electronics Co.,Ltd. have grown rapidly in running an electronics equipment business for more than 25 years under administration of Mr.Wiroj Uransathian,the company's chairman,and his team.
          The companies receive various domestic and international standard awards in the industry recently.Besides being a big producer and exporter for electronic equipment in Southeast Asia(Component parts and ready-made products ),the companies own high technology equipment such as annealing furnace. The companies can make design according to the customer's need.           
          Util now,both companies have gained profit continuously and products are acceptable among business sector,public sector,and various educational institues.
          With more than 1,000 employees,the companies factory is located on the land of 64,000 square-metre in Ratchaburi Province.In the near future,the companies have plans to expand their production capacity and markets worldwide to serve the new millennium.


1977 Chatchawan electronics co.,ltd. has been established. The initial products to be produced and sale were transformer,crossover netowrk,ac adapter,inverter and power supply.
1985 Started to produce Degaussing coil and first supply to WORLD ELECTRIC(ORION)
1996 New factory in Ratchaburi was established with complex of 6 buildings on area of 64,000 Sq.metres. New company VRK  SPECTRUM Co.,ltd. was established for export marketing and sale.
1997 Started to produce EI lamination core and bobbin for in-house usage and saling to outside makers.
1998 The company VRK SPECTRUM  Co.,ltd. was certified ISO9002
1999 Established the NUINTEK VRK Co.,Ltd.; joint venture wit Korean copany "NUINTEK"; produce AC capacitors


Establised the VRK Multimedia."AV products

Name Of Company VRK Spectrum co.,Ltd.
Address Office : 212,218,220 Issarapab Road,Watkalaya Thonburi,Bangkok 10600 Thailand
Tel.(02) 466-1594-7 ( 12 lines)
Fax.(02) 4721228,4722694
Factory   : 192/4 Mu10 Petchkasem Road,T.Nongor A.Banpong
Tel.(032) 353933-5
Fax.(032) 353936
Year Established 7th June 1977
Paid Capital 180 Million Baht (7.2 Million USA)
Managing Director Mr. Wiroj Uransathian
Number of Employee 1,000 Persons (Jan2000)
New Factory Compex of 6 Buildings 40 Rai (64,000 Square Metres)Start Operation 1996
Main Products Component : Transfomer,Deguassing Coil,Choke Coil,Line Filter,Switching Transformer and AC Capacitor
Electronics Products : Adapter,Inverter,Converter,Regulator,Battery Charger,Crossover Network.
Parts : EI core,Bobbin,Socket.
Annual Turnover

480 Milliion Baht


         Quality product is a must , but organization management inside the companies is more mecessary because "Good works depend on quality workers" 
           As the company could manage organization perfectly,working atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm,and employees are given moral support to work.
           For self and companies success , the companies offer benefits to employess based on knowledge and ability of the employees. 
           The benefits included :
               1. Health care 
               2. Providing seminar and new knowledge 
               3. Give an opportunities for employees to learn working system both in local and overseas.
               4. Providing outdoor activities  
     Products from these hard-working people are acceptable by general consumers which make the companies grow continuously.